Sundays with ME!

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Went up to Seattle this morning to shoot some pictures for a family friends, graduation type thing. Did that and ended up at Revolution Cycle near Northgate. Nice little shop. Met up with Fat, Jack and this kid Zane. No one could figure out where to go, so I follow them and we stop at this school. Zane calls out this roof gap and before I can even get out of the car he’s asking for his bike. I saw this kid riding his bike yesterday at Fenwick without a chain and didn’t think he was trying to fire out big roof gaps the following day. Anyways, here are a couple shots. The first shot he didn’t ride away, his second attempt they were yelling at him to stop because a car was coming and he went anyways. Third try he rode away and into a fence. Later on I met up with GJ, we found this little bank to wall. He never got in any good shots because some concerned citizen didn’t think we were up to any good…

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Fenwick Jam 2010

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Fenwick jam was fun. Nothing like the “old days” but a good time and a few scrappy kids with egos. Here are a few pics, enjoy, go ride, party on…

A few of the people not doing lookbacks or barspins….


barspin over the smaller hip, too close, fuck off

not really sure what to say, though I heard the guy there in the middle got so drunk he left his bike at fenwick, so if anyone has his bike, hook it up

def paul killing it as usual

evan killing it as usual

see, I told you

my buddy tyler from puyallup

I cannot remember this kids name, sorry kid, nice riding though. (his name is elliot)


this fucker better produce a legit video or else!

scott v, killing it as well, ready to hit up the green ASAP!

def paul getting shit done

no name guy with a nice griz AKA elliot

360 outta the bowl to flat

straighten that shit out son

does anyone know who this guy is???

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Fenwick Jam 2010

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Come to Fenwick in a couple of weeks. May 15th, high noon bitches. I ain’t explaining anything, you know the deal. Ride, party, box, talk shit, ask me about a lame ass video I’ll never finish and since everyone is a photographer now, takes pictures of each other for facebook. Fuckers. See you in a couple of weeks.

PS If it rains, because it always does, plan is to reschedule for the following saturday, not the next day like in the past. Sunday is for number threes, not riding your bikes, get with the program kiddos.

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well shit man

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Has it really been since May since the name for the video came about? Damn, I’m moving real fast. Go buy the breakfast shit video from davey. I don’t got much to say, pics or video someday, probably never

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video is called…

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The blurry years…

Yep, that’s what it will be called.

It’s not done, but should be done very soon. It will be cheap and you probably won’t like it. Everyone is better or already quit riding & got real lives. I will post back in a few days with more info.

PS If you’re looking for trail pics, sorry, check out the breakfast shit video when it drops, best I can do for ya right now. Shelton trail have a myspace with pics up and there is some lynwood shit floating around that I’ll and post soon. If anyone from either trails wants to send me some pics to put up or come shoot some, get in touch.

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Mutiny Team in the Northwest

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The mutiny team has been up in canada for the past week and is heading down to Washington for the next few days. Probably only one day though because Portland is SO cool! Anyways, check the mutiny site for some photos of the trip and keep your eyes peeled for a bunch of guys riding better than you.

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