Redmond Contest – July 29th

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This is something i got through myspace, not sure how legit it is or not, but could be a good chance to get some money. If you want to get in touch with kim, the best way is probably through myspace ( or just leave comments here and I’ll get it to her. I’ll keep everyone updated as the 29th approaches.

Hey all BMX riders!!!…we are working on getting the most kick as+ BMX COMP underway at the Redmond Park dated July 29th so WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!…let’s hear it and we’ll try to get some of those ideas incorporated :). i mean would you rather ride the park, possibly our new box and quarter, have it be a contest or jam with prizes, money, food, drink plus music??? well we can’t promise anything but we’ll do our best…for you…the rider…so send your comments, ideas, suggestions and spread the word that the GOOD NEWS is BMX is being recognized and represented by the City of Redmond Parks Departement…so three cheers for them…as on JULY 29TH at the REDMOND PARK there is going to be something great in the name of BMX!!!


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red bull elevation

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Just a quick update for any trail riders out thurr. The red bull elevation is coming up quick, I think earlier than last year. This year it’s June 29th-July1st. If you want updates on the progress of the contest and the setup, check this site out: It should have updates with pics and the works, whatever. If you want more information on the contest in general, go here:

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666 666 666 666 666 666

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It’s 666 and we’re all still alive, ooohhh. I’m sure robbie and andrew can be found at fenwick, go say hi to them. New slayer album was dropped today, no idea if it’s good or not. New AFI also, I kind of like it, whatever. Mark this as the first pointless post since the new site started AKA every post has been.

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filming – get you some pics!

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Went filming today. Got some clips and a few pics (below). Rode the puyallup block at the park, rode some 56 park rode the banks on 56, which will be getting some quikcrete work done soon. I’ll be out either saturday night or early sunday morning with my tools and 8 bags if anyone is done to come help, bring a bag or two if you can. Rode some UP and then back down to puyallup. Just wanted to give a quick update with some photos…

austin - over ice 56 banksmatt - downside ice 56 bankstyler - unturndown UP parkdarin read - cancan footplant

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the “bike and destroy” video

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I’m getting the question almost once or twice a week. “When is the video going to be done?” I’ve always been unable to give an answer. Well, I’m shooting for 9/11 to have it done. I know this is a stretch for some of you, but I’ll attempt to give you an answer and see what happens on 9/11.

Basically I need time. I’ve had tons, but I feel with the camera I have now and sitting on some seriously stale clips, I need a month or two of getting more footage. So tomorrow and from then on, I’m filming like crazy. Anyone who thinks they got clips, let’s get them. Give me a day or two to plan it out, but we’ll get it done. I’m shooting to have the video edited and ready by 9/11. I’m not sure where and when there will be a premiere, maybe on 9/11, maybe a month after that. But the date I’m heading towards is 9/11. Any questions? Post them up here…

The MEDIA page to the right is also up, click on that for the trailer and a few other edits. If you wanna come back to this, click on the big image at the top that says bike and destroy.

Here is the original trailer from almost a year ago if anyone is interested…
60 second trailer with music by Kanye West featuring Paul Wall – Drive Slow

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Marginal Way – no bikes allowed

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Here is an email I just got from Dan Barnett with the Marginal Way Skatepark Association. You can take it how you want and do what you want to do. I know how I feel and I’m sure if you feel the same way. All I want to say is if you’re going to ride spots like marginal way, respect it as much as you can and ride at the right times. I’m not saying don’t go there, but if you do find yourself riding around, just be nice and when the skaters show up bitching at you, play it cool and leave. You can always go back. Anyways, here is the email, take it how you want:

“I just saw the pictures on your site of guys riding at Marginal way. I
just want to remind you that we DON’T allow bikes there. We built and
paid for this all ourselves and I would hope you would respect that. We
are not going to be cool with bike riders down there. Please go to Home
Depot and buy your own concrete and pick a bridge and have at it. You
guys can do the same thing we did.”

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New site I guess…

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Here is the new site, should stay this way for awhile, it’s all fancy and crap, whatever. You can post on everything and complain about it, I don’t care. I think i can add cool stuff to it every now and then, I’m siked. I’ll add some new pages in the next week or so and hopefully get the thrill zone comp edit finished. Any questions???

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