here they are…pure devastation

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Been a bit busy the past few days, but here are all the shots from the trails or what’s left of them. I might try and go back in a couple of weeks when it’s dried out a little bit and try to match up some shots from when the jumps were there to how they are now. Would be kind of cool to see before and after shots.

click here for 41 pics of flat trails

Went out yesterday and checked out a possible new location and what an adventure that was. We met up at the old trails to pick up the shovels and tools that GJ hid in the bushes. Click pictures if you want to see them bigger.

On the way out to this new spot we’re checking we see the hottest hooker ever, but no chance to holler and have her join us into the woods with shovels. Damn.

So we keep on path and meet behind this building with legit vatos walking around, already sketched out. Grab our shovel and start walking towards tall trees.

See a number of bum camps, switch direction and find a mouse trail into the swamps. Wander around with GJ trying to give us direction and not heading in any general direction.

Climbing trees to find a heading to guide us.

End up finding more swamps and wet feet, tightrope walking blair witch project for two hours and then wander out of the woods in some apartments.

Walk around a corner and who do we see? That same hooker, a couple miles from where we saw her earlier, getting into a different truck, so jealous!

Walk back to trucks way too far, drive to A Pizza Mart for too good pizza and hannah montana episodes. Oh and we’re not digging there. Whatever, I’m going to buy some ramen and instant potatoes.

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lotsa love for the trails + video

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I haven’t even really posted the video here, besides the guestbook, so here it is. I’ve sent the link out to a few sites and a few other sites have put it up anyways. Lots of love coming from everywhere. Been talking to GJ and we’re working on getting a new spot and he might have some stuff up his sleeve as well. Here are a couple links if you’re interested in reading the comments other people have left. A few hundred over 5,000 views in about a week, not bad.

Washington Trails BMX – you can download the vid here as well.

bikeguide forums
segment clothing(aussies)

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slave to the plow

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Most have heard by now that the trails in federal way were doomed and plowed. I was out of town while it happened, but got back yesterday and before heading home, met up with GJ to go see how much damage was actually done and it was devastating to say the least. You would never know how much room the trails actually took up until you see the entire place flatter than a parking lot. I’ve been talking to GJ about possible ideas and locations for something new or even the possibility of talking with the owners and seeing about rebuilding. The only reason that’s even an option is because the bums got permission from the owners to continue living there with their only responsibility to keep the area clean. What a joke right? Anyways, I took a bunch of pics. It’s hard to even tell what was what and where everything was. Whoever was plowing the place did a hell of a job, flat as hell! Here are a few pics to get an idea of what’s left behind.

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RIP GJ’s trails

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Well, this is the end of an era for a ton of people. If you’ve never been to the trails in federal way, you missed out on something special for washington and something most of us might never see. I know some people don’t like GJ much or have your issues, but you can’t deny the fact that his trails were on another level compared to what most people ever get to ride. If you see him around, let him know you liked the trails. I never rode them, but helped dig once or twice and have a ton of memories out in those woods. I have a video floating around on vimeo, but the quality is pretty crap, I’ll get a better quality version up on youtube as soon as I get back into town. Oh and if you think I’m shitting you, go out there, one warning and then it’s jail time for you. I’m gonna sneak out and shoot some photos of some level ground soon. Check a few posts down for some pics of the jumps in the past few months…

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couple street pics

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Was out filming with davey and jack the other day. Here are a couple pics, timing is off as hell, but enjoy.

over ice


halftruck – a work in progress

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