sumner skatepark camera

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So what used to be a fun place to ride, hang out, watch ignorant kids get into fist fights has become a safe haven for kids of all ages to enjoy skateboarding. Well, bikes are out of the pictures again. Since this park was not designed for bikes and any use will result in certain death. But wait a second, the park was designed for scooted use apparently, such a joke. Thank you city of sumner for being morons. Thank you for having a super cool bike shop and not allowing those kids that support your local economy a chance to ride. Anyways, this isn’t my soapbox or whatever. If you’re bored at home and need something to watch, check this out:Citizen Skate Cam

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more trails pics, 02.24.08

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Some actual riding instead of dirt art. Bums are scared and 40 line is getting built up. Anyone down to head up to lynwood on the 5th, not this weekend, but the next? Rain is coming this week/end and should make for premier conditions in the woods. All interested parties should arrange to put comp III’s on bikes and work on dirt circuit tricks. Enjoy pictures! Oh and louie took about half of these, I took the other half, can’t be assed to figure out which ones are which… GJ was too busy repairing blown landings for too cool photos. WASP edit later this week.

bum art, dead crow, no clue

DR I think….

little jeff, ass shot

crew, not sober

the only one I should even post, shuster, reppin’ tough

points leeeeeader

WWSD? what would shuster do?

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trails are hitting in february, period

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Here are a bunch of pictures, no real order, boring, whatever. Be jealous of dirt architecture. Lots of trail riding was done this weekend. Edit in a day or more. It’s half done now, but we shot some more today to add to it. Will pay money for ways to get rid of bums taking over woods and threatening trail riders existence. Enjoy pics, more later this week of people on their bikes.

homeowner brand shovel

do work son

action shot, rake roost

completed landing, rake works wonders!

i can’t believe it’s not butter

product placement, this makes lips and landings build 2x quicker

curved wallride

ketchup time baby

long berm, big jump, future pool for bums, cocksuckers

hucker jump, double backies fag, landing is 3 meters tall

in-n-out, two orders of fries please, i don’t eat beef

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def paul in props #68

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Def Paul looks to be getting a bio in the new issue of props coming out in a few months. I just got the email for commercials in props and saw he was included. Should be good! I’ll keep my eyes open for anything new.

Props #68
V-CLub road Trip
Kink Bikes West Coast Road Trip
Nathan Williams BIO
Def Paul Bio
Plus tons of Bonus sections…including Walter’s Russia Experience and the Red Bull Trick or Treat jam from New York

And for comedy purposes only, watch this video and turn up the volume. So damn funny. You hammered me, lol.

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