rideBMX – MAR 2008

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New issue of ride showed up at the post office today. It’s the photo issue for the year and there are lots of neat stuff inside, especially if you’re a nerd about cameras. Couple people got pics too, I grabbed a couple with my phone, check them out, sorry for the quality, go pick it up if you’re into it.

Idaho Erik in Idaho killing it. Wish Tal could have got some more pics in this issue..

Davey on some banks…

Fat falling off some rail, real tiny, honorable mention or something…

Is it ever going to be nice again???

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new rideUK cover

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Not only does Davey score the cover of the newest issue of rideUK, fat(Mike Hoder) gets his long awaited interview. So I went through a ton of old pics and found a ton of good ones of fat himself. If you’ve been to this site over the past few years, you’ve probably seen most of these at one point or another, but it should be fun. Cover of the new issue at the bottom…

Big rail in Puyallup

small railride in tukwila i think

turndown in tacoma


trying to learn flips into foam

i probably shouldn’t have even been in this room….

came up!

weird story behind this pic. when I put it up, I said that fat got a rapist van, well, when you type rapist van into google images, this is the first image that pops up, hah.

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Jake Ortiz YouTube clips

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I shot some clips with Jake Ortiz a few months back and here are two you tube clips from snafubmx.com The only clip I didn’t shoot was the whip clip off the bench. There were a bunch more I shot and couple of them were better than these. Figured I would post them up since they went directly to Snafu.


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It’s 2008, whoop de doooo!

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It’s 2008. I don’t have any new shirts, no new stickers and no video in sight, what’s new. Please whine about it in the guestbook, I don’t give a shit! Here are a few pics over the past couple of days. Epic sessions at the puyallup skatepark, where else? All photos taken by me or cancer matt… More someday next month…

some crazy kid trying flairs AKA ryan

manes displaying nice tabletops

louie fj whip

myself doing barspins with high quality tribal tattoos

chad – overhang tooth

cancer matt cancer matt cancer matt matt matt

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