Video Premier at Goods

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I think this is Tonys video. Not sure why he never has premieres up here, but for anyone who is down for a drive to portland, hit it up, should be a good flick. His vids just get better and better and I have yet to get one out, damn. There is a JAM in two weeks as well, I’ll post the flyer for that in a day or so.
Anyways, this Saturday at 7pm at goods. Below is a trailer I found on youtube, check er out for whatever it’s worth. Address for goods is here: 2808 NE MLK Jr. BLVD. Suite O Portland, OR 97212

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sumner park closed

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Sumner skatepark is closed for the next week or so and that’s only a guess. (check for updates on progress) Since it’s city workers, the work could take longer since they’re able to work slow as hell. But what does this mean for me and you as riders? It means they’re putting up a new fence that completely encloses the park. From what I understand, it’s supposed to help against crime and to keep people like us out. I don’t think it’s going to stop us in the long term though. Just like any other park out there, the fuzz will be on ya for a few weeks, make the public think it’s working, then they’ll forget about us it will be business as usual. For the time being, please direct yourself to and order up a DDR dance pad and sweat to the oldies as pictured here…

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schralp time!!!

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What a find!

So GJ was spending his usual 20 minutes at the library to check his myspace, try to remember the password to his email and spend the last few minutes doing who knows. Well, he calls me up all frantic and tells me to visit the freeride(mtb stuff) section of the FSA site and watch the Phil Sundbaum video. For those of you who don’t know him Phil used to ride bmx along with his brother. Well, he decided to actually make some money and traded his bike in for a mountain bike, cool…

Anyways, here is the link to the video, 100% schralp fest at the trails. Not only does he bring some camera guys, he brings some friends too, here is a pic to prove it, unless you need 2-3 camera assistants with helmets on…

This kind of stuff keeps happening GJ’s is going to turn into softies or it’s gonna be time for Plan B again. Whatever, no idea why Im posting this. No respect, you can thank mountain bikers for shutting the trails down again, chains are going back up.

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I’ve posted this in the guestbook, but not really here. I’ve been slowly uploading some of the edits I’ve done in the past few years to Stage6, which offers pretty high quality video. Ten times better than anything on youtube. It takes a minute to let the video load, but it’s legit and pretty worth it.
So click here: Stage6 website and you should be able to watch some goodies. Lemme know if you’re having any issues…

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