ptown jam video

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Eh, it’s a little late I suppose, but here it is anyways. I was trying to upload a myspace version, but that site sucks shit. Update your quicktime from apple and you should be legit…

download and save it!!!

Oh yeah, song is gogol bordello – american wedding, music is good as hell!

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toobin pics from july 11th

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The 11th of July was my birthday. So of course I called in sick to work. A few days earlier GJ had been bugging the hell out of me as usual, but this time it didn’t involve me filming at the trails, taking pictures at the trails or hanging out at the trails. It involved meeting at LTL, getting a ride in a nice Volvo courtesy of Scott V and driving into the middle of nowhere to float down the Nisqually. Shuster had nothing but real talk about this river, big hits, nice lines, babes galore and impassible log jams. Plus reno was coming in a nice coldman raft.

Anyways, did the float, was tons of fun. Met some random girls, reno slowed us down, then his raft popped and he ended up hitching a ride out of a internment camp and other assorted fun times. Here are a few pics from the trip, the last one includes every pic, just for fun, including a couple made for myspace defaults. Enjoy!

This is the lovely nisqually, bridge included with many metal tags. YHS SUCKS SHIT!

What a lovely bunch. Seven deep total.

Toobin leader of the day getting through a nice line!

15 feet up, 10 feet out, 4 feet of water, one flip. tberg clockin footy….

Some random toob tramp getting splashed by gj

right you are ken

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update cock suckers

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I’m updating. Nothing new for now. Gonna change the look of the site a little, getting sick of this brown shit all over the place. Got a ton of goodies to add, just need to take care of some stuff going on at the house. So yeah, check the guestbook, post some stuff on there, pictures of girls with black eyes. Bitches need to learn to listen. Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates and no video. Yeah, I wanna put out a video, will I ever get it done, maybe. Will it be cool, probably not. But if I can get it out and I sell ten of them, I’ll be siked.

Anyways, should have some fresh stuff up in a day or two or two weeks, whichever happens. Enjoy…

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