another day at the trails

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Here are fifteen pictures I took a few days back at the trails. Feel free to link to this page with this link. If you have spare parts, shuster is missing his bike and his musical gig can’t afford him a new one. Please help this extra from the movie 300 build a new bike for more supermans and nac nacs. Oh yeah, I can’t take pictures, that’s why I’m a cable guy and not working for bmxplus! Anyways, peep the pics and hopefully this week I can get the video camera out for a fresh video.

JUNE 16TH!!!! Be at Puyallup or else, this is a one month warning, no excuse not to be in attendance.

shuster with topless boys in the background

gj with one leg off, one hand on seat

gj – butt shot

shuster – one hand x, me not getting it clicked

shuster, lookback, 28 feet, find the flash

gj – toboggan, shuster – extra for the movie 300

racings, shuster in the lead

racings again, shuster still in the lead

shuster McGrath impression, low quality, better one in the guestbook, backwards leg

shuster with superman impression

gj – 360 with adoring fan

gj handling his seat

shuster with a nastazio impression, excellent angle


gj, it’s obvious what he’s doing and it’s obvious im no photographer

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