diamondback in china???

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My friend trevor over at diamondback bikes had some business over in china and rode “the worlds biggest skatepark.” He said he was there on a Saturday and there were five people there, what a waste if you ask me. So check out these pics he sent me and start saving for a trip overseas.

Oh yeah, don’t forget about fenwick jam!

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session with GJ – trail pics

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Went and took some pictures with GJ today at the trails. Tried to wait for a few other people to show up, but no one showed. So yeah, here you go. Enjoy!

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goods no footer contest

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We teamed up with GOODS team rider Ryan Sher to bring you this little contest. Basically, all you have to do is email us a picture of you doing your best NO FOOTER!

It can be over a jump, on street, off a pop-out, whatever!! As long as it’s bangin’ you’ll have a chance!! So get out there and start bustin’ out those no footers asap!

Email all entries BEFORE March 1st to admin@goodsbmx.com

got this in my email today, figured I’d post it here, I’ll shoot some at the fenwick jam if anyone wants to.

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fenwick jam – FEB 25th

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You better know by now and if you don’t, well…. Anyways, even if you aren’t boxing, come down and have a good time! Bet on some matches, play some c-lo and drink some mountain dew. Show up around noon and enjoy the party!

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tacoma warehouse

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Just to let everyone know in case you don’t read the guestbook. The warehouse in Tacoma is a bust. The police know about it, if anyone calls it in and you’re there, you’re busted. No idea how legit the place is at this point, but it’s a ride it at your own risk kind of deal. Hope you enjoyed it while it was there!

Also. sign up for the mailing list if you want. I’ll use that to send out updates and other news like this, that way you don’t have to come to this stupid site every other day hoping for an update. So yeah, put in your email for updates and other random crap….


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branjam pics

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So the BRANjam happened. It was fun and I have a new appreciation for toilet paper, I bet tberg does too. You’ll see why if you take a close look at the photos. I left super early, so I didn’t get many pics, but check this link for some more pics though: branjam pics!!!. Anyways, it would be nice to find another warehouse for some more fun like this. Especially if said warehouse comes with as much toiletpaper that we went through in twenty minutes. Started out as a good ole fashioned indoor teepee throwing contest, then turned into wrapping tberg up in it, then it turned into andrew and GJ pissing on him, which turned into lighting him on fire. Then some people did ride their bikes, imagine that. Anyways, enjoy the pictures I got, check out the others ones and I’ll see you at fenwick. You better be there!

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