2006 vancouver metro jam

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So it looks like it’s on this year. Kept hearing rumors of it not going down, being puched back a few weeks, well, check out the site, it’s going down for sure. Looks like deaf paul is signed up already, I didn’t recognize any of the other names, but there are some spots left. If you remember, i did a video last year and I’ll probably do one this year as well, maybe….

2005 metrojam video – music by the agony scene – paint it black

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manik skateboards video premier

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Not sure if anyone will be into this or not, but manik skateboards is showing of thier new video titled “splash.” A ton of this video is from the northwest and you’ve probably seen or know some of the people that are gonna be in it. If you’ve got the time, this is when you need to go: 8/31/06 9pm @ the Showbox(doors open at 8pm]. Cost ya $5 as well…
If you want to see a trailer: check this.

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fenwick jam video

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Here is the edit for you three people waiting and waiting and calling me in the middle of the night. I uploaded it to google video and youtube, watch those first. If you need to save it or can’t watch it on those sites, download it from the last link and save it onto your computer, dont watch it a thousand times over and over, bookmark youtube or something and waste there money! By the way, every video is the same, you can watch all three, but it’s the same thing.

fenwick 2006 – youtube

fenwick 2006 – googlevideo

fenwick 2006 – bike and destroy – right click and save as only

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fenwick jam and tubing

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Just wanted to remind everyone that the fenwick jam is this saturday on the 12th. Starts at 4pm and goes until forever! Also, the following day, the 13th, we’re having a tube jam down the green river. It’s a pretty mellow flat, seen a few people with life jackets on that can’t swim and it’s mostly knee to shoulder deep, couple spots over your head. Also has a cool cliff and rope swing at one spot. Bring your scube gear and party with us down the river. I’ll post where to meet later this week and will be handing out gay little flyers at fenwick on saturday. Basically you need something to float on and some shoes that can get wet.

See you on saturday!

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fenwick jam – this saturday – the 12th!!!

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alright, everyone better show up this saturday for fenwick jam. I’m not sure what time it starts, but Im thinking something around 3-4pm. So be there and ride your bike, then get rowdy with the boxing gloves. So yep, be there.

Also wanted to say evveryone should be getting ready for metro. I think it’s sept 1-3 this year. I dont think you need a passport for canada yet, but get everything else ready. AKA birth certificate or a shovel to dig a tunnel.

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derby pics part 01

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So I’m finally getting around to uploading some of the pictures from the derby. If you want to see more, check out the ride site, the kink site, the fbm site, and the albes site(news). Everyone from the albes crew was super cool, glad to get to know those guys and hopefully we can all party sometime soon. I did shoot some video of the trip and Im not sure if I’ll edit anything or not, I’m still trying to set up my new editing monster, so that’s on hold, just like the thrill zone edit, whatever. Anyways, here are some pics in something of an order, who knows. I’ll try and do more later this week.

This was from the second day, the day after the contest. I didn’t take any pics at the contest, only video. This was some huge waterfall right in the middle of downtown rochester. You can see robbie down near the end, it’s like a 8 story drop at the end, to flat. It walks out past the edge of the fall.

This is the motel we spent most of our time in. Tight for four dudes, oh well, we made the most of it. We got a few quick clips one night when trevor snuck out for a phone call, hehe. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have minded, but it was fun anyways.

Speaking of Trevor. We can all thank him for making it happen. This is him and Robbie setting up the drivers seat so if it broke, the rope would keep it in place. What you don’t see is Trevor sitting on ten cans of spray paint and various other amounts of garbage and a few inches of water.

This is from monday night, two nights before the bmx derby. They had one on monday and we all got to get in for free so we could kind of see how a derby works in case anyone hadn’t been to one. They were all hyping the crowd to get excited so you could win prizes. Basically, wildest member of the crowd won some prize. Well, this little 4yo girl won like $35 and robbie did a backflip on flatground for a coleman ice chest with two bags of chips inside, wow!

This is most of the cars mostly painted. You can see marco and walter interviewing crandall down near the end. There are more shots of the cars, I’ll up them later.

Monday night we all went bowling after the derby. It was cool, this cute girl racheal I think beat the hell out of the vending machine.

Another cute girl visiting us! Check the albes site for more of her and if you’re lucky, ask them and you can get “even more.”

Andrew set this shot up, Crandall rules! If you don’t know who triva is, don’t worry about it.

I know you needed this! Some lovely carny bucks in full derby attire. Number one girls shirt reads: I’m good in bed! Number two girls shirt reads: Baby Brat!

Here is the car in full wrecking action. I’ll get a shot of the beauty before death next update. Notice the snakes and if you look real close, there are maracas up there too, so people can hear us coming, heh.

Check out the primo car, not moving…

Here is Robbie backing into Escamilla in the Hurley car. Bonus info: Escamilla had a camera in his car for a cool angle or whatever. Anyways, in all the excitement, after the derby, he forgot the camera in his car, which if I saw right, had a pretty spendy death lens on it. Robbie, somehow remembered and started yelling for escamilla before the guy took off with the car.

Robbie celebrating with one of the snakes…

So there are the first of many more pics from the derby. Leave comments or if you have any requests of stuff I might have, just post here on the guestbook and I’ll see what I can do.

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