Couple shots from Tacoma!

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There is a new park in the north end. It’s a small park, but super fun, lots of tricky lines and was fun to watch a few people shred. What’s cool about this park is that there are actually three places to ride in the entire park. A small bowl, some ledges in the center of the park and then in another corner, a wide quarter that would be fun to session. All within a couple of hundred yards. Super stoked to see Tacoma bangin’ out these smaller parks all over the place. There is another small park in Browns Point, but it was soaking wet since it has that fancy smooth cement. I’ll give twenty bucks to anyone who does the bowl gap there, I have to be there though.
Anyways, here are some photos. Fun ass time, even though it was sprinkling and can’t wait to do this again. Hit more for a quick video I shot on the new iPhone.

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new park in tacoma

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Figured I’d post this. Pretty small park, basically one at a time. No idea if they’re expanding or not, I’d hope so, maybe even a couple ledges on the edge of the park. Tranny is only about four feet tall, but could be fun as fuck on an early morning. 23rd and Orchard, behind the community garden, just look for the construction going on behind the school. No idea on bikes being allowed or not as there wasn’t a sign to be seen, but if there are skaters chilling, probably just a waste of time, who knows…

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Sundays with ME!

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Went up to Seattle this morning to shoot some pictures for a family friends, graduation type thing. Did that and ended up at Revolution Cycle near Northgate. Nice little shop. Met up with Fat, Jack and this kid Zane. No one could figure out where to go, so I follow them and we stop at this school. Zane calls out this roof gap and before I can even get out of the car he’s asking for his bike. I saw this kid riding his bike yesterday at Fenwick without a chain and didn’t think he was trying to fire out big roof gaps the following day. Anyways, here are a couple shots. The first shot he didn’t ride away, his second attempt they were yelling at him to stop because a car was coming and he went anyways. Third try he rode away and into a fence. Later on I met up with GJ, we found this little bank to wall. He never got in any good shots because some concerned citizen didn’t think we were up to any good…

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more trails pics, 02.24.08

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Some actual riding instead of dirt art. Bums are scared and 40 line is getting built up. Anyone down to head up to lynwood on the 5th, not this weekend, but the next? Rain is coming this week/end and should make for premier conditions in the woods. All interested parties should arrange to put comp III’s on bikes and work on dirt circuit tricks. Enjoy pictures! Oh and louie took about half of these, I took the other half, can’t be assed to figure out which ones are which… GJ was too busy repairing blown landings for too cool photos. WASP edit later this week.

bum art, dead crow, no clue

DR I think….

little jeff, ass shot

crew, not sober

the only one I should even post, shuster, reppin’ tough

points leeeeeader

WWSD? what would shuster do?

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trails are hitting in february, period

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Here are a bunch of pictures, no real order, boring, whatever. Be jealous of dirt architecture. Lots of trail riding was done this weekend. Edit in a day or more. It’s half done now, but we shot some more today to add to it. Will pay money for ways to get rid of bums taking over woods and threatening trail riders existence. Enjoy pics, more later this week of people on their bikes.

homeowner brand shovel

do work son

action shot, rake roost

completed landing, rake works wonders!

i can’t believe it’s not butter

product placement, this makes lips and landings build 2x quicker

curved wallride

ketchup time baby

long berm, big jump, future pool for bums, cocksuckers

hucker jump, double backies fag, landing is 3 meters tall

in-n-out, two orders of fries please, i don’t eat beef

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trails in november

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If you think the rain is stopping anyone, you’re probably right. But GJ has been busy as hell and probably anyone else who rides trails. Here are a few pics of GJ and Louie killing this quarter to plastic jersey. Top of the jersey is about 9 feet from flat, tons of fun to ride. And yes, the whole line is running.

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sumner park closed

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Sumner skatepark is closed for the next week or so and that’s only a guess. (check for updates on progress) Since it’s city workers, the work could take longer since they’re able to work slow as hell. But what does this mean for me and you as riders? It means they’re putting up a new fence that completely encloses the park. From what I understand, it’s supposed to help against crime and to keep people like us out. I don’t think it’s going to stop us in the long term though. Just like any other park out there, the fuzz will be on ya for a few weeks, make the public think it’s working, then they’ll forget about us it will be business as usual. For the time being, please direct yourself to and order up a DDR dance pad and sweat to the oldies as pictured here…

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marginal way update

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Well, looks like we’re the cause of some more damage out at marginal way in seattle. Cool huh. No actual proof, but considering “our past” there, might as well have been us. Here is a couple links to check out if you’re really interested. Also, if anyone is interested, we got a couple of quikcrete projects in the works in tacoma if anyone is interested in helping out AKA bring ten bucks or some bags of crete. Someday I’m going to work on the second barrier down at the park in puyallup, any suggestions? Email me if you think you’re into it.

Skater Haters at Marginal Way – The Stranger Weekly

Marginal Way MySpace

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june 17th

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Saturday, June 17th is the last day for riding your bike at thrill zone. If you want to get in, go there and ride this week, otherwise it’ll be gone for good. Also, if you’re interested in getting some of the ramps, they’re on the auction block, starting at an easy $30,000.

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thrill zone – no more

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I just got legit news on the future of thrill zone. Basically anyone who wants to ride the place has until the end of the month to get a session in. I can’t get an exact date yet, but you have two more weeks to ride. Last chance to learn flips into the foam or whatever. Once I get an exact date, might be fun to have a little session there. I tried to get a deal or something, but the owner isn’t too keen on having any sort of jam or whatever. So I dunno, not too sure anyone wants to pay $10 to ride on a sunny day, but we’ll see what happens. Just thought I would pass this along, I’ll post more news as soon as I hear it.

The reason the park is closing is because of money. Basically the park isn’t bringing in enough money are there are no investors interested in putting in money unless it’s all paintball. It’s no mystery there are tons of free public parks in washington, I know I’d rather go ride a free park then pay $10 to ride one. Especially considering there is the UP park five minutes away, gig harbor ten minutes away, foss, 56th, Sprinker and even more within the 30 minute range.

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