Fenwick Jam 2010

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Fenwick jam was fun. Nothing like the “old days” but a good time and a few scrappy kids with egos. Here are a few pics, enjoy, go ride, party on…

A few of the people not doing lookbacks or barspins….


barspin over the smaller hip, too close, fuck off

not really sure what to say, though I heard the guy there in the middle got so drunk he left his bike at fenwick, so if anyone has his bike, hook it up

def paul killing it as usual

evan killing it as usual

see, I told you

my buddy tyler from puyallup

I cannot remember this kids name, sorry kid, nice riding though. (his name is elliot)


this fucker better produce a legit video or else!

scott v, killing it as well, ready to hit up the green ASAP!

def paul getting shit done

no name guy with a nice griz AKA elliot

360 outta the bowl to flat

straighten that shit out son

does anyone know who this guy is???

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Stephen Murray fundraiser jam

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So I think it’s coming up on a year since Stephen Murray was paralyzed. If you haven’t donated any money yet, this might be a good chance. July 19th at puyallup skatepark is a jam/benefit for stephen. It’s probably going to be gay, but it might be fun, we’ll see. I’m still not sure about many details. Hell the flyer doesn’t even have a time on it, so show up whenever. Or call (253)875-1742. That’s Scott Berry’s number for anyone who wants it for information or to have a little fun. I was a skate contest at the ptown park yesterday and it was put on partly with the city of puyallup and was pretty boring. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but compared to anything we usually do, pretty lame. So if this jam has anything to do with the city of puyallup, take this up to fenwick or something. Which by the way I’ll be posting info for the fenwick jam too and a tubing jam as well too on the green river. A Bunch of us have already done some floats, but let’s do something epic here!

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Puyallup Skateboard Contest

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For anyone who is down for a good skate contest, there is one tomorrow at puyallup. Starts at 11am and should be a good time. Weather is going to be good and there will be lots and lots of fine ladies on hand watching skater dudes do their thing. So yeah, check it out if you got nothing going on. I don’t think there is any riding allowed, so bring some drink!

There is also some stephen murray benefit thing at puyallup in july sometime, I can’t remember when exactly it’s supposed to be. But should be some contests, prizes and food, so come check it out I guess. I have nothing to do with said event, so it’s probably going to suck obviously, but that doesn’t mean we can barge the place.

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take it or leave it premiere

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October 25th is the premiere for this video here:

Looks legit and it’s in a theater down in portland and there is a 21+ showing. That seems really scary. Especially if anyone from Washington makes it down there. $6 bucks to get in and I’ll post more as the date arrives.

Don’t forget! This sunday, down in vancouver, JAM! Probably the last decent one before it’s snowboarding season….

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Vancouver JAM! – Don’t forget!

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So whoever went to the jam got to go swimming instead. The jam has been rescheduled to this sunday and as luck may have it. The kink and shitluck crews are in town and should be making it out. So this sunday should be an even better time to head down. I got room for one in my truck if anyone wants to come down with me, get at me!

So I think I might actually head down. I wasn’t going to at first, but after looking at the pics of the park, looks like it might be a good time. Here is picture of little jeff at the park. Below that is the flyer and if you go down a couple of posts, you can get some pictures of the park and directions. Anyways, if the weather holds out, should be a damn good time.

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ptown jam video

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Eh, it’s a little late I suppose, but here it is anyways. I was trying to upload a myspace version, but that site sucks shit. Update your quicktime from apple and you should be legit…

download and save it!!!

Oh yeah, song is gogol bordello – american wedding, music is good as hell!

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Red Bull Elevation – June 29th – July 1st 2007

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I didn’t make it last year and was bummed, especially after seeing video and photos from the contest. Anyways, it’s somewhat local, up at whistler in BC. I was talking to nick and dan at the puyallup jam a few days ago and they said the course is out of hand this year. So yeah, here are some links so you can check the course and get updates via myspace. Oh yeah, couple local boys will be riding this year.
official site
official blog

click for directions from seattle – only 4-5 hour drive…
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