jack and bmxplus, ohhhhhhh

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“jeff maddox” from seattle gets the newest spread in bmxplus. Should hit the stands in a week or so. About five or six more washington pics inside, might try and get those scanned too…. Oh and my truck got a serious background shot, came up! Click the pic for a larger version…

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I know this is late, pretty late considering the new issue is out. But I’m slow, poor and happened to pick up a copy this evening. I then cut it to shreds and scanned a few pages with Washington highlights. These aren’t super high-resolution or anything. Just something to check out if you haven’t seen them yet.

There were four sections I scanned. The first is a review of the facad video, little interview with a picture of fat riding down a wall. Second one is the northwest trail report, lots of good pics, worth buying the mag for this alone, lastly is a scan of a small as hell picture from fenwick jam. Enjoy…

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