take it or leave it premiere

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October 25th is the premiere for this video here:

Looks legit and it’s in a theater down in portland and there is a 21+ showing. That seems really scary. Especially if anyone from Washington makes it down there. $6 bucks to get in and I’ll post more as the date arrives.

Don’t forget! This sunday, down in vancouver, JAM! Probably the last decent one before it’s snowboarding season….

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sumner park closed

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Sumner skatepark is closed for the next week or so and that’s only a guess. (check for updates on progress) Since it’s city workers, the work could take longer since they’re able to work slow as hell. But what does this mean for me and you as riders? It means they’re putting up a new fence that completely encloses the park. From what I understand, it’s supposed to help against crime and to keep people like us out. I don’t think it’s going to stop us in the long term though. Just like any other park out there, the fuzz will be on ya for a few weeks, make the public think it’s working, then they’ll forget about us it will be business as usual. For the time being, please direct yourself to ebay.com and order up a DDR dance pad and sweat to the oldies as pictured here…

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two thousand 07

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Last night was fun. Just ask gilly. Wait, don’t ask gilly because he probably doesn’t remember much of it. Unless he had a hidden camera in his hair, unlikely. But ask Shuster boy, he’s so excited about the new year.
  So I’m sure everyone lost their minds and had a great time. I’m not sick anymore, so I’m siked on that front. All I can really say about the evening is that it started off with some C-Lo, turned into watching Gilly fall asleep leaning against a wall, gilly falling onto the couch, gilly bouncing off the couch and the floor saving his fall, head first. Gilly wasn’t happy with his performance yet. He’s no amateur. Gilly then decided it was time to wax the floor. To wax a floor, you need compound and twenty shoes to track it throughout the house for the rest of the night. So compound came in the form of some fine smelling ralph. That turned into twenty people running everywhere, half running away, half trying to drag him into the creepo chamber and let him have fun there. You can ask him about the rest or ask to see his sharpie tattoos. Gilly should start charging for these antics. Not sure if anyone can be added to “the list,” but I’m sure the word will be out if anything went down.
My only news years resolution is to get the video done, but my girlfriend pointed out that it’s been the same resolution for the past three years, so I think she might be on to something. Either she’s going to leave me because Im not a goal oriented person or that the video will never see the light of day. I guess I have 364 days to see if I can get it done.
Other than that, enjoy the color brown and the pics!

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