Jake Ortiz

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Another Ortiz edit, fuck yeah! The 180 railhop in Tacoma is nuts, watching fat mike straight hop it a few years ago was insane enough. I think Davey may have 180’d it, but I can’t remember which video. Anyways, some sick lines at sumner, some fish hatchery and other places. Couple other Ortiz edits after the break…

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lotsa love for the trails + video

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I haven’t even really posted the video here, besides the guestbook, so here it is. I’ve sent the link out to a few sites and a few other sites have put it up anyways. Lots of love coming from everywhere. Been talking to GJ and we’re working on getting a new spot and he might have some stuff up his sleeve as well. Here are a couple links if you’re interested in reading the comments other people have left. A few hundred over 5,000 views in about a week, not bad.

Washington Trails BMX – you can download the vid here as well.

bikeguide forums
segment clothing(aussies)

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couple street pics

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Was out filming with davey and jack the other day. Here are a couple pics, timing is off as hell, but enjoy.

over ice


halftruck – a work in progress

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def paul in props #68

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Def Paul looks to be getting a bio in the new issue of props coming out in a few months. I just got the email for commercials in props and saw he was included. Should be good! I’ll keep my eyes open for anything new.

Props #68
V-CLub road Trip
Kink Bikes West Coast Road Trip
Nathan Williams BIO
Def Paul Bio
Plus tons of Bonus sections…including Walter’s Russia Experience and the Red Bull Trick or Treat jam from New York

And for comedy purposes only, watch this video and turn up the volume. So damn funny. You hammered me, lol.

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Jake Ortiz YouTube clips

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I shot some clips with Jake Ortiz a few months back and here are two you tube clips from snafubmx.com The only clip I didn’t shoot was the whip clip off the bench. There were a bunch more I shot and couple of them were better than these. Figured I would post them up since they went directly to Snafu.


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