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I’ve posted this in the guestbook, but not really here. I’ve been slowly uploading some of the edits I’ve done in the past few years to Stage6, which offers pretty high quality video. Ten times better than anything on youtube. It takes a minute to let the video load, but it’s legit and pretty worth it.
So click here: Stage6 website and you should be able to watch some goodies. Lemme know if you’re having any issues…

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davey watson on federal

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This is somewhat old news for a lot of us here in washington, but just in case you haven’t been around anyone in the past week or two.

Davey watson is riding for federal. It isn’t 100% yet AKA he hasn’t signed anything, but he’s been talking with them and it might as well be 99%.

So as a real nice treat, here is a quick clip from about a month ago, enjoy! Click on the pic to see the clip…

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