Tree Farm Pics

Couple of quick photos from tree farm a couple of days ago. Haven’t been here in years and it looks better than I’ve ever seen it. Typical local hangout, but actually kinda fun. Mostly pictures of Paul, Elliott and a couple of Jeff…

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Couple shots from Tacoma!

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There is a new park in the north end. It’s a small park, but super fun, lots of tricky lines and was fun to watch a few people shred. What’s cool about this park is that there are actually three places to ride in the entire park. A small bowl, some ledges in the center of the park and then in another corner, a wide quarter that would be fun to session. All within a couple of hundred yards. Super stoked to see Tacoma bangin’ out these smaller parks all over the place. There is another small park in Browns Point, but it was soaking wet since it has that fancy smooth cement. I’ll give twenty bucks to anyone who does the bowl gap there, I have to be there though.
Anyways, here are some photos. Fun ass time, even though it was sprinkling and can’t wait to do this again. Hit more for a quick video I shot on the new iPhone.

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new park in tacoma

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Figured I’d post this. Pretty small park, basically one at a time. No idea if they’re expanding or not, I’d hope so, maybe even a couple ledges on the edge of the park. Tranny is only about four feet tall, but could be fun as fuck on an early morning. 23rd and Orchard, behind the community garden, just look for the construction going on behind the school. No idea on bikes being allowed or not as there wasn’t a sign to be seen, but if there are skaters chilling, probably just a waste of time, who knows…

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Sundays with ME!

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Went up to Seattle this morning to shoot some pictures for a family friends, graduation type thing. Did that and ended up at Revolution Cycle near Northgate. Nice little shop. Met up with Fat, Jack and this kid Zane. No one could figure out where to go, so I follow them and we stop at this school. Zane calls out this roof gap and before I can even get out of the car he’s asking for his bike. I saw this kid riding his bike yesterday at Fenwick without a chain and didn’t think he was trying to fire out big roof gaps the following day. Anyways, here are a couple shots. The first shot he didn’t ride away, his second attempt they were yelling at him to stop because a car was coming and he went anyways. Third try he rode away and into a fence. Later on I met up with GJ, we found this little bank to wall. He never got in any good shots because some concerned citizen didn’t think we were up to any good…

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Fenwick Jam 2010

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Fenwick jam was fun. Nothing like the “old days” but a good time and a few scrappy kids with egos. Here are a few pics, enjoy, go ride, party on…

A few of the people not doing lookbacks or barspins….


barspin over the smaller hip, too close, fuck off

not really sure what to say, though I heard the guy there in the middle got so drunk he left his bike at fenwick, so if anyone has his bike, hook it up

def paul killing it as usual

evan killing it as usual

see, I told you

my buddy tyler from puyallup

I cannot remember this kids name, sorry kid, nice riding though. (his name is elliot)


this fucker better produce a legit video or else!

scott v, killing it as well, ready to hit up the green ASAP!

def paul getting shit done

no name guy with a nice griz AKA elliot

360 outta the bowl to flat

straighten that shit out son

does anyone know who this guy is???

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here they are…pure devastation

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Been a bit busy the past few days, but here are all the shots from the trails or what’s left of them. I might try and go back in a couple of weeks when it’s dried out a little bit and try to match up some shots from when the jumps were there to how they are now. Would be kind of cool to see before and after shots.

click here for 41 pics of flat trails

Went out yesterday and checked out a possible new location and what an adventure that was. We met up at the old trails to pick up the shovels and tools that GJ hid in the bushes. Click pictures if you want to see them bigger.

On the way out to this new spot we’re checking we see the hottest hooker ever, but no chance to holler and have her join us into the woods with shovels. Damn.

So we keep on path and meet behind this building with legit vatos walking around, already sketched out. Grab our shovel and start walking towards tall trees.

See a number of bum camps, switch direction and find a mouse trail into the swamps. Wander around with GJ trying to give us direction and not heading in any general direction.

Climbing trees to find a heading to guide us.

End up finding more swamps and wet feet, tightrope walking blair witch project for two hours and then wander out of the woods in some apartments.

Walk around a corner and who do we see? That same hooker, a couple miles from where we saw her earlier, getting into a different truck, so jealous!

Walk back to trucks way too far, drive to A Pizza Mart for too good pizza and hannah montana episodes. Oh and we’re not digging there. Whatever, I’m going to buy some ramen and instant potatoes.

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slave to the plow

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Most have heard by now that the trails in federal way were doomed and plowed. I was out of town while it happened, but got back yesterday and before heading home, met up with GJ to go see how much damage was actually done and it was devastating to say the least. You would never know how much room the trails actually took up until you see the entire place flatter than a parking lot. I’ve been talking to GJ about possible ideas and locations for something new or even the possibility of talking with the owners and seeing about rebuilding. The only reason that’s even an option is because the bums got permission from the owners to continue living there with their only responsibility to keep the area clean. What a joke right? Anyways, I took a bunch of pics. It’s hard to even tell what was what and where everything was. Whoever was plowing the place did a hell of a job, flat as hell! Here are a few pics to get an idea of what’s left behind.

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couple street pics

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Was out filming with davey and jack the other day. Here are a couple pics, timing is off as hell, but enjoy.

over ice


halftruck – a work in progress

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