Tree Farm Pics

Couple of quick photos from tree farm a couple of days ago. Haven’t been here in years and it looks better than I’ve ever seen it. Typical local hangout, but actually kinda fun. Mostly pictures of Paul, Elliott and a couple of Jeff…

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Couple shots from Tacoma!

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There is a new park in the north end. It’s a small park, but super fun, lots of tricky lines and was fun to watch a few people shred. What’s cool about this park is that there are actually three places to ride in the entire park. A small bowl, some ledges in the center of the park and then in another corner, a wide quarter that would be fun to session. All within a couple of hundred yards. Super stoked to see Tacoma bangin’ out these smaller parks all over the place. There is another small park in Browns Point, but it was soaking wet since it has that fancy smooth cement. I’ll give twenty bucks to anyone who does the bowl gap there, I have to be there though.
Anyways, here are some photos. Fun ass time, even though it was sprinkling and can’t wait to do this again. Hit more for a quick video I shot on the new iPhone.

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Jake Ortiz

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Another Ortiz edit, fuck yeah! The 180 railhop in Tacoma is nuts, watching fat mike straight hop it a few years ago was insane enough. I think Davey may have 180’d it, but I can’t remember which video. Anyways, some sick lines at sumner, some fish hatchery and other places. Couple other Ortiz edits after the break…

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new park in tacoma

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Figured I’d post this. Pretty small park, basically one at a time. No idea if they’re expanding or not, I’d hope so, maybe even a couple ledges on the edge of the park. Tranny is only about four feet tall, but could be fun as fuck on an early morning. 23rd and Orchard, behind the community garden, just look for the construction going on behind the school. No idea on bikes being allowed or not as there wasn’t a sign to be seen, but if there are skaters chilling, probably just a waste of time, who knows…

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well fuck man

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It’s been a minute. Sorry. I’m old as fuck, 6 year olds are better than me and I got a mortgage to pay. I took a picture of Chad tonight. What a nice guy. Go ride your fucking bike….

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